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i5 System offers custom web & mobile application development company, application modernization, interface development, app integrations, and cloud-native application development in a reusable and scalable method in India.

A method for developing applications that supports new business models and makes use of emerging technology. The current portfolio is nevertheless a crucial base for application integration in the interim. It must be changed into platforms that are compatible with the digital business technology platform architecture.

Utilize our application development platform to remain ahead of the competition and increase ROI through simple technology change and quick application delivery.

We set the standard for implementing headless design and Microservice architecture to improve robustness and performance while maintaining the integrity of distinct application operations.

Development Process

Your success is essential for our success. Not only do our solutions align with industry best practices – they are also tailored specifically to your strategic goals. We work closely with our clients throughout every stage of the application development process. This way there is no guesswork, no compromises and no surprises.


Stage of the application development process


We work with you to understand your goals, your users , how you measure success, and then develop your go-to-market strategy. Next we create a delivery plan laying out our proposed solution, costs and timeframes, we’ll engage with your users and brand teams to make sure we create an experience that’s delightful and provides real, measurable value to your business.


We take care of all aspects of testing for every new solution we build – including smoke, requirement, functional, usability, user acceptance, performance and regression testing.


We take an agile approach based on 2–3-week sprints. After each sprint we’ll demo our work for you, and incorporate feedback in subsequent sprints, helping to ensure we create the best solution possible.


Our free 30-day warranty makes sure that any bugs or issues not picked up in testing are addressed straight away. After that we host, maintain and manage the solution for you if you need that ongoing assistance.


Agile Development

Businesses currently operate in a technological environment that is changing quickly. To keep up with these technological innovations, companies need technology solutions which are flexible and adaptable.

Our agile process is geared towards rapid software development, where the highest priority is to satisfy the customers. We have a multi-disciplinary team with diverse skill sets, including developers, Quality Assurance (QA) and database engineers, designers and analysts, focusing on creating a delivery cadence by breaking the problem into digestible components, which can be developed and tested with users. When conventional models fail, our time-bound, iterative approach of agile development ensures continuous delivery of valuable software.

The vision statement serves as the first step in our agile development process rather than the process requirements. It promotes a continuous process of development in which the software is continuously updated, supported, and improved.

I5 Systems is leading embedded software and web application development firm with more than 12 years of experience offering end-to-end Services with top skilled resources available in India.
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