Unit Testing or SW Integration Testing

Unit Testing or SW Integration Testing

Black box Validation Engineer

Working Knowledge on communication standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, Bluetooth and Lora etc
Working Knowledge of Python and/or PERL and/or C#
Working Knowledge of Communication Protocols (SPI, I2C, UART, JTAG, PCIE etc) additive advantage
Working Knowledge of Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer and Packet Analyzer etc..
Working Knowledge of Cloud iOT development Interface and 3GPP standards
Working knowledge of Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee and smartcards
Know how of Layer -1 Software for WCDMA, LTE, 5G INR, 802.11ac, 802.11ax etc additive advantage

Required Tools

  •   IBM RTRT, Vector CAST and LDRA
  •   JAVA and Selenium
  •   Python and Robot Framework
  •   RTLinux, QNX, PowerPC, VMWare and uCos etc
  •   Jenkins, DSP Processor, Video Drivers and Device Drivers
  •   Domain Specific Tools
  •   Domain Specific Emulator and/or Simulators
  •   Eclipse or Embedded Compilers

Test and Validation Services in Automotive Segment

White Box or Unit Testing or Code Level Testing

  • Vector CAST or LDRA or IBM RTRT
  • Vector CANoe and Vector CAN Case
  • Jenkins Server
  • PERL or Python Media
  • Debug board or proto type sample
  • SW Controller flashing tools (JLink or Spectrum)
  • Accessories (Power Supply, Connectors, Media converters etc)
  • Engineers experienced in highly automated unit and integration test solution such as Vector CAST, IBM RTRT used to validate safety and business critical embedded systems
  • A deep knowledge in scripting languages such as PERL or PYTHON
  • Experienced in automation server such as Jenkins
  • Deep knowledge in High level programming language such as C or C++

Acceptance or End User or Customer Acceptance Testing

  • Working level Porotypes (Vehicle, OEM equipment etc)
  • Hardware supplied by Vendor
  • Software supplied by Vendor
  • Software Flashing Tools and facility @Plant or @Customer Bench
  • Advanced Testing Rigs
  • CANoe Tool or CANoe Hardware
  • Highly qualified Environment to carry on testing customer site (i.e. Evaluation drives, EMI/EMC labs, Temperature chamber and etc…)

System Testing or Black Box Testing or HIL Testing or MiniLabCAR Testing

(Hardware flashed with SW and Required Tools)
  • Hardware sample (ECU and/or Camera’s)
  • Vector Flashing Tool
  • Vector CANoe Tool
  • Vector CANoe Hardware
  • Vector vTest
  • CAN Stress Tool
  • Rational Quality Management (IBM RQM)
  • JIRA Tool
  • Accessories (Power Supply, Connectors, Media converters etc)
  • If HIL then HIL Setup, specific customer tools such as ODIS and VAG etc
  • Expert Engineers in Vector CANoe and Vector Hardware and Vector vFlash and Vector Hardware

Software Integration Testing (Hardware and SW Code and Required Tools)

  • Debug board or proto type sample
  • Vector CAST or CANoe Tool
  • PERL or Python Media
  • SW Controller flashing tools (JLink or Spectrum)
  • Accessories (Power Supply, Connectors, Media converters etc)
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