Media &
Required Tools
  • Python and Robot Framework
  • RTLinux or QNX
  • WiFi or Internet connection router
  • DOOR’s, SVN, GIT
Required Skilled Engineer
  • Engineer’s below mentioned skills are required to work on OTT and OTA Technologies,
  • Know how of standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, Bluetooth and Lora etc
  • Programming skills of C and C# Language
  • Know how of VOLTE/IMS, DRA, SCP, BSF, SEPP in 2G/3G/4G/5G Technologies
  • Know how or experience in at least one of the Layer -1 Software for WCDMA, LTE, 5G INR, 802.11ac, 802.11ax erc
  • Experience in Communication Protocols such as Ethernet, WiFi, Zigbee, RF, Bluetooth/LE and MODBUS etc
  • Working experience of RTLinux or System QNX
  • Experience in Automotive Telematics and/or Infotainment System’s

Setup Box

Required Tools
  • Wireshark tool, MPEG-TS, Linux Kernal
  • Mediaboxes, OTT, STB
  • DVB, IPTV, Setupbox
  • AppleTV, Digital TV
  • Smart TV, C#
  • Python, Android, C, iOS
Required Skilled Engineer
  • The Engineer should have below mentioned skillset to work in Setup box domain,
  • Know how or experience of Video/Telco
  • Working experience of Python and/or PERL scripting
  • Know how of C and C#
  • Working experience in Media Domain (Setup boxes), MPEG-TS and DVB Protocols
  • Know how of platform like Linux Kernel, Uboot, Arm and DSP<
  • Know how or experience in any of ARM Cortex, Broadcom SOC and Blackfin DSP
  • Working experience in JIRA, DOOR’s and GIT etc….
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