Automotive Testing

Standards-based, independent and structured testing

Our test services include design and implementation of unit tests, integration tests, component tests and system tests as well as regression tests for your embedded software.


The complexity of testing depends not only on the components to be tested, but also on the software quality requirements. In conjunction with further general conditions a test plan is created that meets the demands.


The suitable test and development tools will be applied according to the kind of test (unit test, integration test, system test) and the software and test requirements. The test tools are a crucial factor for the management, planning, execution, reusability and traceability of tests. Therefore Razorcat can use its own powerful and comprehensive solutions or the ones utilized by you.

Test process

Based on the requirements the test process can take place during or after the development phase. The test design is based on our test strategy which is customized according to your requirements. You will obtain the test results to the extent and within the time frame as agreed.


The scope of delivery comprises comprehensive documentation about the test results, all encountered errors and deviations as well as the complete test database and its configuration. So the tests can be reproduced and verified at your site. They can also be used for regression tests.

Consulting and services during the test process

Furthermore, we can help you to improve software quality and development processes by providing you consulting and suggestions for improvement. The entire test process from test planning to certification or the acceptance test, our support comprises all test process steps, including the preparation of required documents due to a certification or an assessment.
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